Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Unknowing Style

Shouldn't have paid attention
You didn't know what to do with ourselves
of job security
and all these people wanted to
be liked
it was strange office politics
Where you were at
and these people wanted to fuck with
Your children are going to
wind up fuckt up like all of us
Can you see your mother sobbing on the kitchen floor from her children’s' sins?
Like mother, like daughter
and the father sadly shaking his head
Like son, like father
Sheer disappointment for our parents
Standing broke in a welfare line
or shuffling down the cold street
with no place to be
but a lot on my mind
I don't know what I want
but I want a lot
Be my queen
Oh my nicotine
There was a sexual tension
of a guy his wife
but then there was this party
that he just had to go and hang
There was a lot of self hate
Nothing to do but eat and fuck
and write in the dark
so alone
so trapped
A wave in my ear
and the scorpion must pierce
its victim before it devours it
And where you're at
but I've got these secret powers
So hard to ditch the spotlight
it keeps chasing
it keeps calling
and maybe I'll go back
but I don't think tonight
It was ugly people that make
the world go round;
Leave it this way?
A guy was so torn
and then there was this guy who was
just stoked being
being a bump on a log
We left rattlesnake trails
in our night sand past
Have we forgotten?
and do you think of the life you eat?
"It's because of him!"
Yeah, I've heard it all before
when I was a kid
A view of the future
but everyone does make it
until the end
The birth of analytic poetry
where ever was the money
except for the fact that
everyone needed the money
everyone was broke
everyone was stingy cheap
where ever was the money?
gone at the dealers and taverns
That fifteen minutes of fame
will come and go pretty quick
but which part do you get prepared for?
Shadow hunters and vampires
hid from the ravage sun
This self hate has somehow or
another carried on our generations
Step outside yourself
where will you come back to?
You thought you were so special
What will happen when we look at you?
millions of years
the evolution of instinct
just how serious do we take ourselves?
Too depressed to be hungry?
It was hunger that made man
venture out
around the block
it's a scary world out there
go back inside warm
Let him die a fool at 27
But he wanted to run from this
self destruction and old age
self delusion
Knew all 5 Nietzschean books
Considers himself a self made expert
Zarathustra skipped on an
ego gloat
Don't mind me
I'm just doing my job
because this is what you are
It was all about this dance
in the desert
How much of your money can I
play around with?
Presidential campaign staff
but who was the guy behind
the camera?
This life isn't one I want to contribute
It was all in the desert
bringing back
carrying with
Some scorpions will even devour
Just want to survive the flood
Just been bitten by the snake
and relax
body falls dead happy
the dime that went around the city
Just a strange matter of survival
This dance may last several hours
on through the night
What did you want to carry through?
oh sorry silly generation
of a false positive
and death was a good thing
God gave me who I am
Take it back
TV got confusing and just
when do the advertisers start
talking to us?
All these strange women around
were watching a bunch of actors
After a hundred years and
generations we got a freeway
we all agreed on something
Dead at 23, died burden hung
of confusion
A vision of the future
but he wanted off this wild ride
but wishes
TV breeds discontent
shoplifters that I root for
but you're the store owner
and the theft is from your side of the counter
how closer can you come to self hate and distrust?
Someone stole the money I just stole!
Sure we're here
but we're never going to get there
The best writings were from candlelight
There were stories to be told
of looking up a barrel of a gun
of facing death and there wasn't
much you could do about it
The strange exotic fun Gothic
of black razorblades and white Cocaine faces
In our frustrations and anger
it will all carry us through
but this is what drives us
you put yourself in such holes of predicaments
just to see if you can get out
and get stories to tell
Boy, they (this life) did a number
on this one
Where I've been
you don't want to have seen
About sex
my finger in your ear
or was it the other way around?
A crazed modesty
Christian humbleness
But who else were they talking to?
A coffee mug with your name on it
A blush and a cheek full of tears
but then you saw everyone else
had theirs too
hanging on a rack
on The Wall
A black brick of a lung with poison
I can't breathe
Mad hoarse whiskey screams from the night balcony
"Come on, motherfuckers!
I'll drag everyone of you down with me
. . . if I gotta go
A strange chortle
a mix between laughter and crying
on the fatality of life
but mixed paradoxically with a proud assurance
was necessary to get by
You don't know how often
a man risks his life
shaving with a rusty razor
The politics of crackheads
One cop going one way
the other cop going the other
and the crazed in the back saying
"Well, what you want wit me?"


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