Friday, October 21, 2005

Star Light, Star Bright

Star Light, Star Bright,
First star I see tonight
Wish I may, wish I might
Have the wish I wish tonight
Jessica, an attractive seventeen year old girl, was fairly ordinary. She had waist-length
blonde hair which created a ball above her forehead. She was partial to heavy metal music, for
her brother played in a local metal group. She constantly took trips up to Los Angeles to go to
concerts featuring up and coming bands. She was known as a wanderer for she lived at different
friends' houses. She did not stay at any house for very long.
The sky was an orange-pink while the sun set. A light ocean breeze blew carrying the
sweet fragrance of summer consisting of rotting oranges and sweat. On one side of the yard,
bamboo created a wall which held a pile of wood used for burning together and upright. On
another, a small dog was jumping and barking at a silver cat on a six foot high wall. Two craggy
and half bare orange trees and a large plywood shed partially hid the cement wall. Covering a
large metal and wood gate, which, when opened, created a horrendous sound almost like
drowning horses crying for help and salvation, was a clump of Bamboo and Honeysuckle which
created a roof over the gate. A tall eucalyptus tree which was the source of falling eucalyptus
branches stood in the middle of the yard. On this tree, a six inch piece of wood remained on the
upper portion of the trunk serving as a memory of a birthday party ten years ago which held
piƱata smashing.
Jessica sat on the porch during the sunset admiring the sky as if in deep thought. She
wondered if the sky is a reflection of the sea or if the sea is a reflection of the sky, is there life
after death, if she did well on her last history test, and what would happen if she went out with
Nick Adams, a fairly insignificant person in her life. While she was pondering these thoughts, the
sun went down and the wind picked up. The sky turned dark so that no given light source could
be seen. The familiar sights of the moon and the stars were absent that night. As the wind was
blowing, the wall of bamboo and the Eucalyptus tree began shaking, rocking right and left like
monsters in a horror film. The noise of the barking dog was drowned out by the sound of blowing
wind and swaying branches and leaves. Jessica, half bored and half cold, stood up, shuddered
from the cold, and went inside her home.
The wind blew Nick's hair out of its settled position while he was looking at the same sky
while on a college trip in San Francisco with his high school Junior class. He decided in his mind
that this trip was useless and wasteful in time and energy. He retracted his head from the
window, shut it, and looked inside the room.
This 200 foot wide "room" was a community dwelling for his class. The auditorium was
sometimes used for parties, speeches, and informal gatherings such as this. On one side, there
was a stage with its curtains almost closed. Though it, a piano was clearly visible. Across from
the stage was the entrance/exit door. Locked windows and stacked chairs were crunched
together on the two other sides.
It was 10:30 at night and Nick's classmates were getting ready to go to sleep. Heather
and Jill, classmates of his who were both fairly attractive, asked if the could borrow his comforter
that he brought to sleep in. He silently shrugged and then nodded. This 10 foot by 7 foot blue
blanket was very dear to him because, if folded, would make a snug, warm sleeping bag open at
two ends. Nick squeezed himself with his knees five inches from his face into a corner close to
the door. In his hands he held a flashlight and a copy of a Zane Grey novel.
About an hour had passed when everyone was asleep, except for Nick who was intently
reading his book. He was busy hearing about Jake Rockwell shoot the man in black when
someone harshly tapped him on the shoulder. It was Mr. Ramert, he who often Nick referred to
as a spiff or a prude; Mr. Ramert often harassed Nick on his appearance. He told Nick to either
go to sleep or go outside to read because he was keeping people awake. Nick gathered his
flashlight and his book and walked outside. When going outside, the door slammed shut then
clicked. Curious, he tried to open the door but discovered that it was locked. He sighed deeply
and sat down with his back resting on the building. He looked up and saw that it was a full moon
with clouds partially covering the black sky. He resumed his reading as he shuddered from cold.
Seconds minutes, maybe an hour had passed by when Nick heard the clicking of high heeled
shoes. As pushed down his hair that was being blown about by the sharp wind, he looked across
the balcony and saw a lady who was in her early twenties. She, wearing high shoes, fish net
stockings, a short miniskirt, and an imitation fur coat, was pacing back and forth nervously
continuously looking vainly through a window with its curtains drawn. Nick walked over to were
the girl was and inquired if she needed any assistance with anything. She, snapping her gum
noisily and fervently, told Nick that she had slept in the room which she was looking into with
some man the night before and she accidentally left her makeup case inside. Nick and the girl,
calling herself Buffy, discovered that there was no way into the room without shattering the
window. Nick walked back and sat down where he had left his flashlight and book and resumed
reading. He soon felt the body of Buffy sit next to him. She told him with deep sighs that she
left her "boyfriend" and now she had no place to sleep so she decided to stay the night right there
at the motel. After a while, the wind picked up and was more sharp and cold before. Buffy
complained about how cold her legs were. Nick, without thought, took off his jacket and shirt and
placed them over her legs. So there sat Nick, half naked, looking up into the sky with a lady of
the evening resting her head on his shoulder. The stars twinkled and the moon swung to the
other side and calmly set.
Nick woke up near 8:00 groggily and discovered that his new found friend had
disappeared. Nick noticed that his upper body had turned blue and purple and his armpits were
nearly frozen. He got up and tried to open the frigid metal door. It swung open and he
discovered that his classmates were up and about and finishing their breakfast. Heather and Jill
came up to the poor looking slob and confessed that they, in the middle of the night, had both
turned opposite ways and thus ripped his comforter in two. Nick ambled to his duffel bag dizzily
and scrounged around for his travel sewing kit. Although he had but the faintest idea on how to
sew, his mother decided that it would be good to carry a sewing kit just because. Upon finding
his kit he found his corner and dragged the two halves to it, collecting the fuzz that fell out
on the way. After finishing it in about an hour and a half, he walked made his way past the
running and yelling classmates over to the stage. He thought to himself, "Please, just a few
minutes more". As the roar of talking and the chattering of East coast colleges died and the
area behind the stage was getting darker, he fell ever so quietly into a deep sleep.
Let your light shine before men,
that they may see your good works
and give glory to your father who is in heaven
-Matthew 5:16


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