Friday, October 21, 2005

Probing the Mind of a Madman

The other day, while driving over the Coronado Bridge, I thought how majestic it must be
to leap from the bridge - to fly! On one end of the bridge there is a serene park and on the other
end are monstrous aircraft carriers that have docked. High and quiet - I am Supreme!
I cut myself shaving this morning. I grab my head and twist and knot my hair and
wonder if this madness will ever stop.
I wonder what happens when one swallows Sominex, the ant-insomnia drug and No-
Doze at the same time: I picture an Indian with his hand over a light candle who does not know
that his hand is charred to the bone.
I recently had a vision of kissing the girl whom I love dearly and for some strange reason
I thought it was as funny as hell and I couldn't stop laughing for a few minutes.
I have a pistol in my pocket with one bullet in its chamber and I have a hole in my head,
right above my left ear, that screams to be filled. Every once in a while, that pistol shines
brighter and that hole screams just a little louder. . .
Will I ever listen to my parents? How many of my friends have I hurt while I existed? I
look down the street and I see people, everybody, whom I have stabbed one way or another. Do
I shout too loud when I ask for the rope to hang myself on the pier?
"Well, that's all we have time for tonight, ladies and gentlemen. Stay tuned next week
when we discover what makes this unique specimen TICK. Until then, goodnight."


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