Thursday, October 20, 2005

Little Girl Lost in the City

Sleeping women to the side
Dead men on the inside
under my feet
A girl to meet, lost in downtown,
lost in town
It shouldn't have happened
Cursed cans and angry cops
Lonely babies and stained bedsheets
empty palace of straw
in the middle of the dead gray swamp field
crumpled and burnt to dust
Why am I here
watching the painted perfumed manatee
through the window?
Love and Confusion Brewery
heartily knows the answer
a cracker jacks prize in the bottle
I heard your name while walking
down the street,
turned around to see a flock of
pigeons fly from the sidewalk
With each flap of their wing,
there I heard Wonder, Wonder
The buildings trembled and melted
I held onto the bus stop sign
in fear
of losing it all
Wondering what you're doing right now
and I feel drunk
Lost of control in your image
Running frolicking in your hand
Swimming, skinny dipping in your eyes
Skating on your lips
Lost, engulfed in your mouth,
just a small fool in the corner
of the spectacle prism of your soul
An expensive drug that I can't live without
Just one word would send me over
Died of a smile, overdose
Say it please, I can hear your whisper
I watch every move you make
Each time your hair style changes
Each time a smile rests on your face
When the wind flaps your dress
Standing here with muddy feet,
I live for your forgiveness


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