Thursday, October 20, 2005

Hotel Regal

“Hotel Regal”
See the lights
It’s the red wine blues
Sunset sleeping- in a car
I’d rather not
In the town where you can
Smoke only in the middle of the highway
We sat around and chewed the tin foil
Children shrieks make the wife smile
And the dirty husband drink
In memory of he who carved this bench
Drainage ditch, beds for the rich
We dug through the garbage for their scraps.
In the days of the impoverished,
we lived like kings
Now we work, everyone must pay
Every single day, it’s the same old thing
Where will I work?
Where will I find food and drink and smoke?
Sleeping in my goddamned car!
And then they tell me I’m no good
Well, why don’t you pay me?
I’ve lost more jobs than I’ve scored pussy
I said, Something’s wrong
Then I slept, and that old fire
That I relied for my ever loving pain, died
How come I only use God’s name in need?
And a fire burned
in my heart
The Chinaman Safeway worker spat on me
When this starving soul ran off with a hoagie
What’s a nigga to do?
Risking arrest everyday, every action
For something yesterday
But where will I be tonight?

I’ll always be true
Cuz I won’t mess around
Even with you babe
Unless you’ll show me
The reason we strayed
All our fights were cause of sex
The demon of innocence
And drugs, alcohol,
Did you read the book?
The drinkers were plagued with demons
Too true to imagine
I’m sorry baby
As youth walking out, down the street
Never to be seen again
Sorry that I know never to give it up
Even with all the pens and paper
You pretended


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