Friday, October 21, 2005

Heads Smashed

Heads smashed
Dreams crashed
as the sober poets laughed
You could be so smart
if you weren't so wise
Shut up and have another beer
Each time I think the world has lost it
Mother Theresa marries Lazarus in bed
A layer of grass has grown over us
we crawl through this dirty root mesh highway
The girls here in this strange world
eight legs, black with a red spot and a wet spot
They keep watching me with sparkle fangs
Seen broken bitches with glass shrapnel in their heads
and now they want revenge.
It was so hard being a guy
so cool just being a bug.
Are you staring at my tits?
No, your flabby ass and your sagging stomach
It's a cold day, if you caught my drift
Psycho spiritual witch doctors to
steal your money
No wonder cigarette use has gone up so,
just trying to deal with all this bullshit lies
That it grows these blind children,
they'll find any way to fuck with you,
put words in your mouth,
All those bad things, sure I said them,
if you want me to say I said them,
because sexual harassment is poetry
They needed to be said,
Whoever did say them was true, correct, and ballsy
genius, alone.
No more flies in my face
No more pigs on my feet
Just my monkey on my back, man,
and we're swinging fine
Yes, I believe this life is killing me
hoar frosted whine to drink our toast
Tea Time with a tampon
And when you tell me I'm so smart,
You say more about yourself.
Rejection is good for the soul
but how much more is there in the world,
I don't have enough.
Give me more and I'll take it, Gladly!
but how much more can I take?
The speed train of acceptance
will slammy you to the ground
if you don't sell your body and soul
The caboose of lost souls over the bridge
crossing the River Lethe
Busy, busy, busy, gotta stay busy
Look somewhere else and they won't bother you
Rotting my teeth at the coffeehouse
I can visit five countries blocks from
my house
These grass plots aren't real
the Japanese parks where you can't play
You, You, You
me, me, me
Why can't we be?
together, playing
no, plajing


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