Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Definition

Four minds swirling around
so confused, so frustrated
drugs to settle
drugs to quiet
Two boys handcuffed to the bedposts
Two girls chained to his fears
and the rank smell of wet vagina
and frustrated cock sweat floated
through the crystal palace
Just wanted a release
and for this we had to be tied
That insane bitch was fit to be tied
It was in the faces
it brushed up against my nose
I licked my lips
Sexual personae changed shoes
and then she straddled my lap
I looked over and my dear friend
having the same horror
It was the only way
But the girls knew of this strange social dance
so they backed up
and teased
and came back down
not too quick
but slowly and gently
Nothing really came from it
no grand finale
but a long happy liberating night
"Hey, Ryan, how many, 8 or 9?"
"Man, I counted 15!"
We all changed our names
and moved out to the desert
Gadsden Purchase
of dusty Victorian houses
It was there we danced
in the crimson sun and the evening breeze.
The scorpion had to devour to love


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