Thursday, October 20, 2005

A Confessional

I do believe I saw a mirror
while getting a pack a smokes
a girl in front of me
blue jeans, black T-shirt, brown leather jacket
short hair
shared a look
share a gaze
and then there was this girl
who also had this keen sense of style
an art history
a 1940's linear Empire state building
strip tease girl of the cartoon
You want to know why I drink so much?
May lose our friendship
but with the greater the risk,
the stronger it becomes.
As well, an insurance policy
Believe describing is better than acting out
There may be a night
you're gone, but I stopped for a visit
just in case you were home
and Mrs. invites me in anyway.
After a chat, and then there was this quick look
and a realization
and then a wall of humble fear on my part
"I just can't do it, you're my best friend's girl"
is easier said not in the heat of the moment
but then the next morning
"But, honey, he took advantage of me"
and though you'd race over to me
with justified brass knuckles
I wouldn't be able to tell you in the fire of fury
that it takes two to tango
and Eve was equally guilty
But, if I am incapacitated
and some chick wants to jump my shit
there'll be this big shit eating grin behind
this bottle of beer
when she finds just a piece of string
"Back off bitch!" (he he)
Chicks are pissed at me
because I won't give up
I am strangely attracted to you both
I am so strangely attracted to the world
So I'll keep drinking and sublimating,
this is the best way.


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