Friday, October 21, 2005

Cigarettes, Whiskey, and Friskiness

Cigarettes and whiskey
Man, they always make me frisky,
Girl, you're gonna miss me
when I'm gone
The TV set is blaring
and damn they're always staring
If they were so caring
I'd be alone
Brother's in the prison
cuz he didn't fit the system
Now they're gonna get him
when he's down
Feathers of a pillow
flying out my window
and dry up the morning dew
for this sorry clown
piles of dead bodies draped in purple
Fattening the dogs when they just want
to be loved
But the mice will thank them while
stealing treats off the floor
and the dog raise da lazy eye to the birds
in its food dish

Proud is That person's with me
And far too often


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