Thursday, October 20, 2005

Blood on a Candle

Blood on a candle
Don’t cry kid, it’s against the law
Fancy wine, fancy chocolate, and free cigarettes
Everything, you and me, has its price
Drinking red ass whine under the
Crying angel weeping willow tree
Wheezing, fighting for that
breath of the good life
I’ve heard of it
You shouldn’t take so much pride
in being a drunk
But pride is all I can have
No sense in being a dirty drunk
Already have my shame, and yours too
The leader of the leaping lemmings
A fight to have at this self imposed
socially imposed guilt
Drinking is too long a drawn out process of suicide
And too much fun
The monster, black and leather
Shock the sonofabitch again
And you thought those three words
“I love you” would solve it all
Think again, bum


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