Friday, October 21, 2005


I used to know of this one angel
she used to live at 10435 Old Redwood
but now she's moved to the
speedy paranoia of a poor trailerpark
(ask about Bill's surveillance video cameras)
To see her dance
to see her move
in her velvet soft and luxuriant costume
reminds me of that I can leave my feet
leave this ground
and float with her
with the circle of serenade and waltz
And when I'm physically exhausted
exhausted of physicality
I can look into her eyes
Bluer and deeper than the vast sky
It's the ocean swirling there
with the two portholes,
full of life
to carry beyond
Deep and expansive
the swells rock me
gently and peacefully
up to the higher ground
where everything's perfect and beautiful
Her CLARIENT voice
is the magnet to pick up whatever soul remains
A mellow tearful flute melody
just for me
Yes I have seen angels
She is my angel of desire
She is my angel of delight
She is The angel of the magical moonlight


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